Frequent asked questions


Different companies from all types of industrial and service sectors that have already implemented or are in the process of implementing a certifiable management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, SGE 21, SA 8000, RS10, ISO 22301, ISO 50001, ISO 39001, ISO 55001 etc.


SaaS WEB Application, "Software as a Service", (Software as a service) is understood as that software business model that focuses on facilitating access to multi-company web applications, in which they share the same provider and hardware infrastructures and software using the Internet as a distribution channel, the provider being in charge of the storage of said applications (Application Hosting) and of the administration, support, maintenance and security of the information and / or data of the client company.

The SaaS model aims to offer software rental over the network, as an alternative to purchasing applications.

It is based on offering an integrated and total network solution, which includes software, hardware, cabling, maintenance, support and Internet connectivity, so that the company that hires the WEB Application avoids large investments for the purchase of software, which can be prohibitive, especially for SMEs. The idea is therefore to rent instead of buying, outsource instead of facing large expenses.


  • Cost: Minimizes the cost of computer systems administration. Application outsourcing can reduce application operating cost by 50% or more. You pay for the use and the service with a completely predictable periodic bill.
  • Continuous update: It allows you to escape the cycles of hardware / software renewal and take control over the cost of technological exploitation.
  • Reduced capital outlay: The SaaS relieves the company of capital investments, administrative costs and upgrade expenses. Eliminate application startup costs and the need to upgrade hardware and networks.
  • Eliminate compatibility issues: Users no longer have to worry about whether their hardware is powerful enough to use the application or whether installing the program will conflict with already installed software. There is no software to install, it is simply accessed online.
  • 100% availability: The user has access to the application 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The main advantages are its low cost, since it is not necessary to buy, rent, the speed that the Internet provides, since the entry and processing of data are immediate, and the increasing functionalities that we are periodically increasing and adapting to new features. and changes to the Standards that we support. After the development of TIME TO QUALITY ® is a team of consultants in certifiable management systems experts in all types of ISO Standards as well as a team of IT specialists in web applications.

TIME TO QUALITY ® puts in your hands a powerful tool, very easy to use and intuitive, whose technology saves a lot of time and money. TIME TO QUALITY ® provides a technology with a very adequate value for money.


Do I need any specific software to use the application?

The necessary equipment to be able to use the TIME TO QUALITY ® Software in SaaS version is a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone with browser and Internet connection.

Where are my files kept?

The files are stored in a database, on a server of our specialized hosting provider. The information in the database will be provided to you in the event of cancellation of the service.

Where will this information be physically housed?

On the server that TIME TO QUALITY ® has contracted and that is in one of the largest DataCenters in Europe and supported by a main operator in Internet services.

Can my data be lost?

Backup copies of the database are made daily, which allows them to be available immediately in the event of accidental loss of data by the user or by TIME TO QUALITY ®.

Do I need to be in the office to use TIME TO QUALITY ®?

As it is a WEB Application, you can access TIME TO QUALITY ® from any terminal that has an Internet connection, making it ideal for those who telecommute.

Is there a trial period?

If you wish, we can enable you a demo during a free trial period. In no case do you acquire any payment commitment and simply show a real interest in our service, with the possibility of hiring it in the future.

How much do TIME TO QUALITY ® services cost?

TIME TO QUALITY ® will charge the customer for the service through a fixed annual fee for the license of use that may be distributed in up to 4 quarterly installments. The first year, the initial cost of activation and parameterization of the application is also billed, as well as the contracted training (See Pricing Menu).

Is the software installation complicated?

The SaaS design of the application means that it is not necessary to download or install any software, since it is hosted on the TIME TO QUALITY ® server, posted on the Internet.

Should I worry about the technical maintenance of the application?

In no case. The application is on our server and therefore its maintenance and operation runs entirely on our account.

Do you have to be an expert to use the application?

No, the application follows a SaaS model that makes it easy to manage. With a computer knowledge at the user level it is enough to use it easily and simply.

What guarantees do I have that my company data is safe?

The guarantee is total. The data is located on a dedicated server, located in facilities with the highest guarantees in Europe and with ISO 27001 certification.


They are kept encrypted in a secure database and in no case is it stored on the pages where users browse. When a user wants to access, a comparison is made between the password they enter and what we have in the database (which is the encrypted password), if it matches they are allowed access, if not, it is rejected.

What degree of confidentiality do I obtain when hiring the service?

TIME TO QUALITY ® will not share confidential information with third parties, except with the express authorization of your client, which is required by court or legal order, or to protect property rights or other rights of TIME TO QUALITY ®

Can a third party obtain data related to my company?

Never. The only information to which third parties will have access will only be that which the client has available for consultation by third parties authorized by himself.